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Changing the world one kink at a time.

We created this space for education on ethical and exploratory adult play.

We believe that healthy and safe exploration of BDSM, kinks and other sexual desires contributes to the health of the individual and relationships.
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Want a little help acting out your kink and BDSM fantasies?
We offer personalized coaching to help you navigate communication, consent, safety and get more out of your interest in BDSM and kink.
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What people are saying about Emily's teaching and coaching


"Emily’s BDSM class was exciting, interesting and fun! It gave me new ways to think about my sexual desires and opened me up to possibilities that I had not considered. It was a wonderful step on my journey to explore and reclaim my sexual identity."


“I always knew there were kinky bits inside of me. Working with Emily has given me permission to let them out in a really beautiful way.

Her ability to remove sexual stigma and replace it with loving acceptance of the true diversity of people’s desires is so generous and productive. Not only has working with her taken my sexual experiences to heights I never knew, but the openness and progress I found has spread to all parts of my life and relationships both personal and professional. In other words, working with Emily has opened me up, transformed my life and I truly grateful.”


“Emily was so helpful to me in getting me out of my shell sexually! So glad I found this woman, sex is fun and new again.”

Our Philosophy

Engaging in healthy and fun BDSM can enhance your life. Plain and simple.

We believe that education is key to safe BDSM play, and we are committed to providing that education to the public.Without stigma. In a judgment-free zone.

Because a cornerstone of safe BDSM play is open communication, and our mission is to help you get educated and learn how to effectively communicate so that you can be a good playmate!
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What makes us different


We believe you can get more out of BDSM and Kink.
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We don't just give you the fish, we give you the fishing pole.
You can learn how to have a healthy dom/sub relationship or kink experience and know how to communicate your desires, which in turn will help you outside of the bedroom.
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We don't ever yuck anyone's yum. We believe all kinks are equal, so long as they are consensual.
In addition, our education is not myopically focused on heteronormative viewpoints.
Kink is an equal opportunity activity.
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