The Art of Command

How to Be a Better Dom/Domme
If you are interested in being a better dominant (this is for newbies and experienced alike), then this class will be perfect for you!

You'll learn:

 Core fundamentals of the dom/sub dynamic
 BDSM scene craft
 Small shifts you can make to feel into your dominance
 How to give commands/instructions to your sub (via text and verbal)
 What commands to give and how to communicate them
 How to deal with the "void" (can't come up with commands)
 How to not feel like a selfish douche
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...And more:

 Why coders make good doms
 How to deepen your sub's submission via the right commands, correction and energy
 The energetics of authentic domination
 Ideas for honoring your submissive
 Safety and consent considerations
 How to deal with a brat or when subs "top from the bottom"
 Top tips for switches
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