Advanced BDSM Scene Workshop (Doms)

For: Doms of any gender

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How to be more submissive Workshop (Subs)

For: Subs of any gender

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get advanced Scene training!

Doms: What you get

 A one-hour workshop
 Scene planner template
 Texting guide
 Tools to get to know your sub (including how to use kink lists)
 Anal training tips
 Punishment ideas
 Activities list

As a dom or domme, you will learn:

 How to create more suspense and heighten arousal
 How to embody more confidence (using my rapid 3-point technique)
 How to have mind blowing sexual experiences with your sub
 How to include other kinks and fetishes (such as a 3rd party, group play, CNC, water works, predicament, foot play, and cuckoldry)
 Hypnotic commands, bondage, impact play that can induce sub space
 How to plan so that you can improvise
 How to custom craft a hot, hot scene for your sub

Subs: What you get

 A one-hour workshop
 Scene planner template
 Texting guide with examples
 List of questions to ask your dom/domme
 Sub activities list

As a submissive, you will learn:

 How to show your dom/domme your devotion
 How to deepen your submission
 How to please your dom/domme with a tribute
 Ideas for tributes
 How to not feel like you are topping from the bottom when giving your tribute
 Step-by-step process to planning and executing your tribute as a gift to your dominant

Both classes also feature orgasm coach Wendy Perkins of Owning your O!

Wendy pops into the class to teach us all about orgassssmmmmmsss! She covers:

 Tactics (including squirting!)
 and more!

Wendy shows you how to integrate orgasm play into your BDSM scenes, how to make your dom/domme or sub cum, and how to use it to enhance your d/s dynamic!

Doms and Subs: Ready to deepen your d/s?

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