A masterclass for women/femmes/non-binary to learn how to step into their femme dominance

Learn all about femme domination in this fun, informative, and empowering class taught by BDSM coach, educator and bestselling author Emily Anne.
Your own personal Femme Domme is an energy that comes from within you.

You could be a dominatrix, a sadistic domme, a gentle loving dom, a teacher domme, a fairy domme, a Mommy domme, or any type of domme that we can imagine. The important thing is to be authentically YOU. Stepping into your femdom power can change your life, not just your sex life.

If you have ever wanted to step more into your own femdom energy, this class is for you.
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 BDSM basic principles
 How to find your Domme persona
 How to have confidence, even as a  newbie
 How to bring this up with your partner
 How to dom via text
 How to easily create and execute a hot BDSM scene
 How to navigate boundaries, hard and soft limits
 Common "mistakes" and pitfalls
 Consent and safety
 How to find the right submissive, or find the sub in the partner you have
 How femdom skills can help you kick more ass in life!
 Toys and implements!
 Tips for 24/7 dom/sub dynamics and FLR (Female Led Relationships)

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Course includes:
 3 hours of LIVE workshop instruction
 A dom/sub texting guide
 A BDSM scene planner
 Helpful resources
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If you have ever wanted to dom inside or outside the bedroom, this class is for you!

In this workshop Emily will:
Demystify the art of Femme Domme leadership
Help you have a deeper understanding of the dom/sub dynamic
Give you the tips and tricks to dominate your partner

Learn the lingo and gain all the tools to prepare you for the fun and exciting world of being a dominant Femme in the bedroom (and in life)!
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What students are saying about the course:

Natalie (she/her)

“Emily's Femme Domme class wasn't just fun and exciting, but it opened up parts of my life that I didn’t ever think about exploring. Through the course information and instruction, I was able to acknowledge and explore the feminine flow within myself.

Through scene building, I was able to open myself up to vulnerability and the strength that comes with it. It was absolutely mind-blowing and sexy as fuck all at once. I recommend this class to just about everyone who is looking to not just level up their sex life, but their life as a whole.”

The Queen C (she/her/they)

"Emily's FemDomme workshop…went beyond my wildest expectations and helped me grow into the person I am today! By stepping more into my Domme side, I was actually able to take up space in dating and manifested the partner of my dreams! For the first time in my life, have been able to have a BDSM-minded relationship with another Switch!

Without this FemDomme class, I believe I wouldn't have been able to harness the mindsets and boundaries needed to cultivate and show up for the relationship and partner of my dreams! Emily is an amazing facilitator of space and the group! She is able to hold us in such beautiful and vulnerable space and teaching us how our dominant side is our birthright and is actually sacred."

Rebecca (she/her)

"I'm a very submissive person but I could tell my husband sometimes wanted me to take charge in the bedroom. This course showed me how to feel and express a sexy dominance without feeling fake or inauthentic. We can’t keep our hands off each other!"

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Workshop includes a BONUS Energetic Clearing Session

Mommy's Cleaning House Mini-Workshop

A note from your instructor, Emily Anne...

As some of you may know (and you will find out in FD2022), I "Mommy" dom. In other words, I am "Mommy" and you do what I say. :)
I decided that we need to CLEAN HOUSE and get rid of a bunch of stuff from 2021.

  People are tired.
  We are OVER this Omicron sh#t!
  And we are carrying a ton of emotional and energetic baggage from 2021 (and even before that).

So I decided that "Mommy" is gonna help you CLEAR YOUR STUFF so that you can allow the new 2022 energy to come in.

This Clearing House workshop is just for you to SHOW UP, get some clearing, and lighten your load... without you having to leave your couch or take notes or DO ANYTHING.

No note taking.
No thinking.
No prepping.
Just show up.
During this free bonus recording, you can simply sit down in front of zoom, set the intention to clear your energy, and allow Mommy's instructions to guide you. Listen to the recording anytime you like to get multiple clearings and tap into the new energy of 2022.
I want Femme Domme with the BONUS clearing
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