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Demystifying the Dom/Sub Dynamic

Learn the fundamentals of domination and submission.
Want to learn all about domination and submission?

Have you ever been curious about BDSM and what it would feel like to have your partner dominate you or submit to you?

Have you ever had a partner or a casual encounter suggest you dom them and you didn’t know what to do or if you liked it?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then click the red button and learn all about the Dom/Sub Dynamic!
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In this nearly 2 hour class, we cover:

 The fundamentals of the d/s dynamic (and how to strengthen it)
 What a healthy d/s dynamic feels like (hint: it is yummy!)
 How to dominate your partner
 How to submit to your partner
 How to encourage your partner to be more dominant/submissive
 How to vet a dom or sub in dating (PDF handouts)
 How to attend lifestyle events/parties
 Safe words and signals
 External safeguards v contractual agreements
You will also receive sexy homework and a trusted resource list.

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Overcome your blocks to participate in BDSM, such as:

 Determining what parts of it you really like verses what you don’t like
 Not knowing how to set boundaries
 Worried about going too far
 Shame around your desires

Ready to Play?

If you feel like learning how to understand the Dom/Sub Dynamic from all sides, determine whether you would like to participate, and learn how you can do participate safely and consensually, click the button to get inside our live workshop replay.
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