04. Impact Play Basics

Coy, flirty banter is fun, but if it gets in the way of setting secure boundaries, it can be a liability.
 Emily Anne
Updated: December 20, 2019

Impact Play Basics

In this video we're going to go over impact play basically we're just going to touch on and pack play basics what is impact play impact play is when some person is using an implement or hand or something to impact another person's body or where to go over the different types of impact playing them in a moment but impact play requires trust practice and openness trust meaning you have to be able to trust your partner in practice means the person who is doing the impact needs to you don't learn a watch tutorials and practice we're going to talk more about that and openness means being open to experience action between partners can be enhanced through impact play and sometimes I can be a high that happens because endorphins can be induced with some impacts play impact play can be with or without a dumb subdynamic so it could be a top and bottom simply a top would be lets a spanking a bottom or doing some flogging and there is no dumb something that might just it could be a simple top bottom Dynamic you know I can be as big or as small part of your scene or your Kink as you want okay so there's different types of impact play I'm just going to hit these are just the main ones spanking flogging whipping caning and slapping and punching and we can get into those a little more specifically in a minute but spanking is just what it sounds like it's generally with a hand but it can be with other things to flogging as using a flogger on different parts of the body whipping is you know using a whip or quart canning is genes are larger or smaller ones depending slapping and punching so slapping tends to be a receipt with the hand some in the face and meant for humiliation or other intense punching is it is again pretty specific everyone's into that it's sounds using a hand to hit different areas of the body I'm just going to talk to some like basic tips for spanking you want to warm up the area my basic Mantra is to go low and slow for blood flow meaning you know you want to start depending on the person's pain threshold and really check in with the bottom on that but want to choose an area to spank that's fleshy usually it's the buttocks and that's a good place to eat to beacons make other areas of the body but you really want to choose the flesh eater parts want to avoid the bonaparte's like always avoid the spine always avoid the kidney area you can cause real damage that way I want to talk really quick about warm up if you're going to spank someone special in the butt cheeks you want to really take some time in the beginning and like rub the area first and get some blood flow going and it also connects preps the bottom to know that okay the spanking is coming and it's actually a really bonding experience to cuz you were like giving it's the it's a loving gesture in a way so warm up that area first before you start spanking and watch the blood flow come to the area to okay so there's a difference between a sting and a thud so stinging pain is usually something where you're not giving full contact with the full circumference of your hand or that surface areas give me of your hand and some people like that you know sort of stinging feeling the sudd is more were your your hand your surface area of the hand or Implement is full-on to The Flash and now you want to make sure you have a safe word and the safe signals are we going to talk about that in a minute but you want to be able to the bottom needs to be able to stop play give input as you're going alone start spinning with your hand and then if you want to work up to implement that's great if he if that's something you're into people like to use paddles I like to find things around the house to kind of fun like a hair brush or spatula something with the flat surface okay cuz I'm just going to get into some basic tips on all types of impact play these generally apply to all types of him impact play again A Paddle Your Hand some other Implement that you're using to inflict on to the other person you want to make again make sure you practice your skills especially flogging is great you know people it's it's nice to a basic ideas like to do a figure 8 with your wrist and it'd be good to work on an inanimate object first and like really get that Rhythm down before you work before using on a person this is really important breath breathing is very important for the bottom so predominant you want to make sure you're checking in with the bottom and making sure they're breathing cuz what happens is sometimes it impacts starts and our natural instinct is to hold our breath we need to make sure that we're breathing through the session you want to paste the section again low and slow is the way to go you want to start and adjust based on the person's pain threshold and really pay attention to body language you know sometimes a suburb Autumn can give you some and body cues that indicate that maybe they're not enjoying it so you want to check in and make sure it's it's something they're enjoying in the scene so how to incorporate it into the scene so it can be the whole purpose of this evening if you want or it could be part of a BDSM like a Dom sub session and just be interspersed throughout the the steam you know what maybe some sexual activity maybe not discipline you can use for discipline and Punishment and it's a good way to create suspense so if a bottom or sub specifically said thanks and it seemed like or as told that they might be either punished or there's some in Pap play coming at crate this like nice feeling especially if you blindfold someone horses is all based on consent do you want to do to do some impact play it you could do it on the bed you can put your bottom up against and sorry if I sub or bottom up against the wall you can bend them over a table I again like to talk to use a massage table is great for BDSM so I can get all the way around it you could set it up in the middle of room you can have them stand in the middle of a room and just do impact and then the classic thing and dungeons is putting them up on a St Andrew's cross again safe signals are important not just say the words that you some ideas for safe signals is the bottom or sub can drop an item like let's say they're supposed to be holding something and not going well and they can't use their mouth to speak can drop an item in that indicates stopping the impact play you can also snap or slap half the snap means you can just snap your fingers slap me if you can just slap the top or Dom on a leg or something or you can tap them on the lake okay so there's some areas that impact play comes into play in play so sadism masochism comes into play and discipline specifically in the dumps so we're going to talk in the definitions of sadism and masochism in a minute but the whole point behind impact play is pleasure so and it's can be pleasure from pain or can be pleasure from the psychological impact so there's a lots of different ways that people can be in Jetpack flight and you have to kind of fill them out and open to new experiences to to figure out what what really floats your boat so in the area of discipline sometimes with discipline and specially in a DubStep Dynamic the partners are really trying to see the endurance of the sub for example it's not just all about getting angry and punishing the sub sometimes it can be okay let's see how how much the sub can take and it can be a source of Pride for both the sub and the Dom to see how far they can take it so long as it's all they some pleasure and consent again punishment is I can be a fun thing in its own right who helped disappointments up and then there's something called punishment which basically means both indominus up know that the punishment and the impact play is really not to punish or alter Behavior but because it's just fun it's just going to create a bunch of Joy so let's go Charlie someone gets pleasure from inflicting pain and it comes it can come from just deep inside you like a lot of things do sometimes people say that are Kinks come from page 127 and something completely non-sexual could have happened that you got the juice is imprinted in your brain and and later on in life so you know sometimes being sadistic can be released for people because it's not socially acceptable in Impact play the top or the Dom is tends to be this sadist if there that's their intent or their King because they're the ones inflicting they're the ones acting upon the bottom or the sub being humiliation can be one form of state of them so impact play for Humanity Shane can include spanking for people who don't really want spanking it could be you know something where they they didn't want to be punished unnecessarily and sodium Malaysia but they do like humiliation cuz they might be messages take face slapping is is quite it is quite humiliating and Dan of itself and that can bring some Joy on both the states in the masochist we going to talk about messages them a masochist is someone who takes pleasure from experiencing pain so again it comes from the same type of place and this is all like if done well and in a safe Santa consensual and Berman it can be very healing and Barry healthy so it's not something to run away from if it's something you're you're into so long as you do it in the conference of a consensual environment and the bottom and the sub is tents to be who would be the masochist in the in the scenario and the impact play scenario so the bottom is the one who is being acted upon with the impact and the submissive usually is in the spot to again we talked about safewords Thursday signals let's talk about safeword so generally an impact play area as the impact is increasing in intensity you can use safe words like green yellow and red that indicates degree in a Xeno keep going and go more yellow is you know you're approaching your limit read it again hand signals and gestures we went over that and really needs to check in with the bottom of the sub and make sure they're breathing really take the time to stop and an ask and you know if they're in a highly-charged state you need to you might need to take a break and really see if what they're if they're able to articulate what they're feeling after care again and we have a whole video on that I've talked about it several times it's reassuring the bottom or sub after the session also because this is impact play you're actually impacting areas of the body so you might have some bruising and some aches and pains so you for bruising want to take them if you're at 7 or bottom you want to take some vitamin D to put on bruises as helpful and Ice you might want to consider massaging sometimes areas you can help with the blood flow and of course Reyes reassurance in touch if that is something the sub or bottom needs so that basics of impact play.

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