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Conscious Consent

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No discussion about BDSM play would be complete without a conversation about consent. Because BDSM and kink activities are inherently "riskier" and more involved, they require more safeguards. Becoming consent-literate and consent-knowledgeable is a priority in this community and should be for everyone. Consent and boundary issues permeate our everyday lives.

This course will help you get a deeper understanding of consent and how to communicate about it with your partners. It will also help you get a better understanding of your own personal boundaries as well as how to respect others. You can never know too much about consent. We hope this course gives you a solid foundation to approach your relationships and helps you have a safe experience in BDSM and kink or any sexual activity you participate in.

Basics of Consent: Fries
Basics of Consent: Fries With the emergence of the #metoo movement, there has been even more talk about “consent” in our culture and the media. Typically, the conversation around consent has focused on the lack thereof. For example, sexual assault or harassment. In the BDSM community, “consent” has a workable definition. It exists, ideally, to […]
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Factors Impacting Consent
Impacting Factors of Giving Consent The overarching goal of consent discussions in BDSM and kink play is not just to “get consent,” but to cultivate conditions where being honest is possible and safe. To this end, you need to be able to identify factors that are impeding this safe and honesty-provoking environment. This module will […]
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Boundaries Crossed: Part 1
Boundaries Crossed In this lesson, I'll be going over what needs to happen when there's been a consent violation. First and foremost, if you're the one who violated consent and your partner has come to you: Be patient with them, open to what they have to say, and sensitive to their emotions. Act with dignity, […]
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Boundaries Crossed: Part 2
Boundaries Crossed: Part 2 How to deal with crossed boundaries or a consent violation as a sub/bottom. Consent Accidents Consent violations can also include consent accidents. A consent accident is when someone pushes past your boundaries mistakenly. However, a mistaken consent violation is still a violation, even if the person didn't mean to do it […]
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