How to Create and Execute a BDSM Scene

For experienced and newbies alike, this step-by-step training will give you all the knowledge and tools to plan an execute a fun, steamy (and safe) BDSM scene.
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Product Description:

Great for doms/tops, subs/bottoms, and switches, this class will be helpful for anyone wanting to set up a BDSM scene with a partner (or partners). The dominant is the leader of a scene, so most of the steps will be performed by the dominant, especially the planning. The submissive’s role is to follow, but also participate in the planning as far as setting boundaries and communicating desires.

Each module includes text instructions as well as a video tutorial. The class is designed to educate you on the basics of scene building, including scene structure, negotiating and communication tips, as well as scene preparation, planning what implements to use, and aftercare.

Scene Introduction
Scene Introduction Hi Welcome to our course on how to create an Executor BDSM scene in this course we're going to have several modules that are going to cover different areas of executing a scene we're going to cover we can have an introduction and negotiation section a scene planning section seen preparation section an […]
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Scene Negotiation
Scene Negotiation Okay now we're going to get into negotiation now why do I have this in quotes I have it in quotes because it sounds formal and it is a term that we use Nvidia sound like we're going to negotiate a scene or pretend like a long-term relationship but I put it in […]
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Scene Planning
Scene Planning Okay in this module we're going to cover seen planning so what you want to do is you want to go take your top three or five activities from a king Quest or btsm list I'm going to show you how to do that with our King test which we games so that […]
Start Module - 4,995 credits
Scene Prep
Scene Prep Okay now that you have your scene planning done we're going to do some scene prep which is basically you're going to prep your space you're going to prep yourself you're going to prep your stuff So first thing you want to really go through back through the mind movie again and as […]
Start Module - 4,995 credits
Scene Execution
Scene Execution All right now that we've negotiated the scene we have determined desires and boundaries we have done something planning and seen prep it is time to execute scene so you seen has a beginning middle and end even if it's informal beginning I usually like to talk about it being more like a […]
Start Module - 4,995 credits
Scene Recap/Summary
Scene Recap/Summary All right let's just recap what you learned in this course First you want to use the kink test to get to know your desires and your submissive desires You want to negotiate boundaries and determine after care needs of your submissive You want to choose the top three to five activities that […]
Start Module - 4,995 credits