05. Role Play Fundamentals

No BDSM play would be complete without a little role play
 Emily Anne
Updated: January 7, 2020

Role Play Fundamentals

In this video we're going to cover role-playing Basics because roleplay is a big part of BDSM play okay so first left talk about a session so roleplay can occur outside of the session or a scene and meet with them but I just want to talk about it in terms of okay if you're going to set up a place session again you wanted just cuz boundaries and limits ahead of time you can get into character prior to the session or the scene so I'm going to Target to hear some examples of role play different kind of play characters that you can do there's tons of different variations these are just like some ideas and you can make it is specific to your life as you want or you can make it through completely Fantastical I mean it could be something more like in like a Renaissance area so examples like a boss and employee or an intern teacher student doctor and patient nurse and patient prostitute and John masseuse and client you could even do like a repair Delivery Man and the renter who's you know just waiting for the delivery person to come you can do actors in casting agent director model and photographer real estate agent and potential buyer personal trainer and client sports coach and athlete there's so many variations and you can get as Fantastical as you want you can do you know Star Wars characters or we're going to talk about Cosplay the moment but you know anything anything just slip into a role that you might find fun and using our imaginations keep so sometimes people have officially established couples awkward for them to bring up the idea of role play so here's some tips on how to bring it up there's a sexual exploration questionnaire that has some role play scenarios on it so that's kind of an objective way to do it like you both fill it out separately and then come together and compare and that opens up a conversation about what things you might want to try also you can try just flirty texts pretending to be a particular character and doing a role play and doing this for a Dom sub Dynamic it's mostly early on that can be fun and helpful to and it allows you to see how you feeling dynamic without you know being in person and it's a fun way to do it you can raise it as a Segway in casual conversation but I would do it outside the bedroom so that there's no pressure you can also talk about it almost like you're describing and Adrian like you know I just had this weird idea and turn me on and I you know just want to share it with you whatever and then see how they how they take that and if they pick up on it and roof on it and give you some input you can also just ask your partner what fantasies they might have an inch really listen and you can rip off of that too so there might be something that they have that ties into something you have and then you can share tina cosplay or gaming so brenda it's an easy transition like he just start talking about your favorite game or characters and you could start segueing into like pretending that you are them so another area that people find difficult is especially if they already have get ready in a couple and they're used to being in a completely honest and completely themselves and comfortable in that within a couple it's hard for them to like all of a sudden start acting like a different person it can be kind of awkward but when you decide to do roleplay and you're both like committed can send to it and are excited the number one rule is to commit we just come it it might feel weird whatever but just come it and that's part of the fun of it is just you know this is play it's not you not like I have this here it's it's not turn cancer don't take it so seriously is supposed to be fun so if you can just commit to it and you might you know fine it's too late at times and you if you left just recovering go back to it and read commit I like to talk about using the yes Andrew love improv so and Improv there's a rule that says you know you should never wins someone's you know saying a line to you and Improv and you should never respond with a no you should never negate it or you say no he should say yes and so you're basically building off of it so someone says ghetto starts talking about a role-play scenario you know your partner starts saying wow I can't wait to take you over my knee or such a bad girl I'm just like giving example you can say I think that would be so hot and you know you just go go with it by doing a yes and then throwing an another idea or it's like as character just bring up another so it's really important to let go and allow for mistakes mistakes and actually be really fun and it contributes to the imagination in the theme okay so I just want to touch on play again you know roleplay has a worm playing it and then pdsm we call sessions or we call what we do in BDSM play so important to remember that it is in fact play it's not real life you know it that provides a lot of room explore and it provided can provide a safe space and allow people to really explore things insides in the cells they never had a chance to in a safe space so you know sex really is play it's a lot it's an area of adulthood this her last area where we can actually play it's a chance to let go and Imagination is at the core of eroticism so really this roleplay idea can feed into your sex life in a way that you might not have thought about before I like to consider BDSM play as an art or sport or even a craft and sometimes when you look at it that way it's kind of gives you a space from it and you take things less personally cuz you know if you're playing tennis and someone beat you in tennis or your tennis partner does something you don't take it personal and you just move on okay so the last thing we talked about in role-play is the dumb so Dynamic and the power exchange so samsung Dynamic really it is rule that you are playing roles and some people in the 24/7 environment it Blends into their life so it might not seem like a role but you're still you're still playing a role you're still shifting into the energy of dominant or submissive so if there is an interjection that happens there it's still play but just remember that you you are playing a role and it can be a part of yourself that you you're just exercising a part of yourself so the dominant you know some dominance might not be a dominant or Elsa in real life but it's a chance for them in the bedroom to exercise that dominance in the same with a submissive there something called an alpha sub so you might be out but in life and in the bedroom it's a chance for you to slip into your submissive side and let go of control so Nana thing I talk about is like a straight-up Dom sub Dynamic can also include a number of other role play scenarios that do have power differentials like the boss secretary your boss in turn that has a power differential that you can use so you can also exercise your thumbs up time am I in role-play scenario that specific like that also in real life versus BDSM play Life at 24/7 that just means that that Dynamic continues through life and usually that's someone who's in a couple who is a atom sub all the time so the dominant really is still controlling the the relationship message to routes everyday life not just in the or slave whatever it's just a really quick way to all of a sudden you're slipped into that role and so that is the basics of role play in BDSM 

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