Scene Execution

In this video, we will cover how to implement your scene plan from beginning, middle to the end of the scene. We will also cover aftercare and follow up.
 Emily Anne
Updated: October 5, 2020

Scene Execution

All right now that we've negotiated the scene we have determined desires and boundaries we have done something planning and seen prep it is time to execute scene so you seen has a beginning middle and end even if it's informal beginning I usually like to talk about it being more like a Prelude like leading up to and in the beginning of the scene the middle is actually the same uniform as seen in the end is as the scene is dying down the Aftercare in the debriefing do you want to set the mood in the town with your instructions and other things so again you want to prep the space you want to think about music candles implements instructions to the sub you want to remind me beginning of a avenged even if you've been playing for a while you want to make sure that you remind this up of the safe words that actually set them up psychologically First of all to use them You want to encourage you to save words But I'd also get some psychologically prepared like hey like this is the scene that starting out like you know some stuff is going to happen so you really want to remind them of the safe words and save signals Do you understand or is that clear I like to use like a call and response especially in the beginning when you give a command give a command and then ask you understand and give a command ask is that clear make them respond to you so that you know it actually helps kind of break the ice in the scene to have a call and response so like ask a question get an answer ask a question and get an answer You want to outline the consequences of the the subs failure to comply so that they know how they're going to be punished and again talked about this before but you want to start strong the beginning of the scene should be the most scripted in your mind and that provides you the confidence to carry you through the rest of the scene so if you have those if you idea of exactly the blow-by-blow no pun intended of how it's going to go in the beginning that will set you up for Success throughout the whole scene so really plan on your mind see it over and over in your mind like what you want to have happened in the beginning and what those commands are going to be I like to really decide on where you want the submissive to be like your instructions you're texting instructions to them to be very specific about like what time is it show up should they disrobe like what should they where where where should they be when they start the saying usually like to be out of eyeshot out of sight when they enter the scene area and give them instructions on what to do it's a building suspense is great to use a blindfold so you might want to give them instructions to come in Neil W blindfold on the the the the couch or the start and wait for more instruction do you know wait for Daddy or wait for mistress this really gets them into that Stubbs Subspace of mind and you really want to will carry through the rest of the scene so nail down those first few moves in your mind execute those completely so really stick to those ones in the beginning of course you're going to want to be able to roll with the punches like if your submissives are saying no or like you need to punish them early of course you know go with the flow of that but really just get that the beginning strong and it provides that psychological influence over the submissive and makes them feel like you're really in charge and it'll calm them down and their trust in you will increase and it'll help the scene go a lot smoother the club scene is where a lot of the action happens you've done the Prelude you come in till you give him some commands and you've started in the circle position you've established your dominance remember that you're the same as you want to keep it short you know as you progress and do more scenes you obviously can extend the scene but really you want to leave them wanting more you don't want to overshoot you want to undershoot and make them want more and it sets you up for success in the next scene again you're having that basic outline in your head but because you already nailed the beginning this rest the same can really just kind of flow and follow your instinct in your garden and as you think of new things to do you know that are obviously negotiated or within the realm of possibility that the sub is given has given you want to just you want to go with the flow and improv in and give your commands and really it if there's parts of you that are unsure don't start acting like someone else I mean there can be role play in scenes and that's fine but really it's got to come from you and your observation of the submissive you really want to pay attention that listening and observing of the submissive is really important another key thing here is pacing a lot of times we get rushed and so you want to just like keep it low and slow just remind yourself like you can take your time really enjoy what it is you're doing really enjoy that full attention on that submissive and what is happening in the scene and this is where you want to do your check ends you want to make sure you check in throughout the scene ask things like do you like that use their submissive name that tells her or Mrs how that feels do you want more harder you know if you're seeing some body language that is like flinching or something you know you really want to check in and ask you know where they're at and again that's a lot of what the the safe words and save signals are for if you use the stop light a red yellow green you know you can ask them if they're approaching ran if they're in the yellow zone or if they're good to go those are really important don't you don't want to ever make assumptions you want to be very observant to the scene and we're getting to the climax now the end of the scene is basically as things are starting to come down and intensity but you want to indicate a clear end of the scenes so that we know okay now this thing is over and we're moving into aftercare and the dumb stuff dynamic is still continuing but the actual scene itself is ending sometimes the end of the scene is indicated by you know orgasm it just depends it's up to you and what you think your sub once as far as when the scene is done now you can stop and seen it anytime so if things aren't working just stop if you if you have any gut instinct that something's not right just stop there there's no rule that says you have to keep going you really safety is really import play out for that and it's okay to stop at the senior you know some things you can end the end of the scene could be taking a collar off something indicating that now the submissive can relax and you can come back to serve reality and let those endorphins and things her to settle in so after care if something is the activity that you want to do when after I seen you it's essentially your building up the side of and giving them and support after seeing a good rule of thumb and we go over this in the BDSM 101 course there's a a whole module in Africa but a good rule of thumb is the more intense the scene the more after care that you're going to want to give and after care must be discussed prior to doing the scene so that's a negotiation stage you must talk about what is what the set might require for after care scene when you can ask what what could you have done without or what could you have had left them what would it you've just been okay to have less up and not open the conversation you learn a lot about the submissive and in yourself and then this might be a time to trouble shoot some consent issues or miscommunication issues if they come up and again we have a free conscience consent course I gets into this and really detail because I get a moment even right after seeing it might not be the time to talk about in a submissive my he knows if their boundaries were crossed inadvertently or otherwise they might not be in a state to talk about it but if they do bring it up it's it's a chance for you to discuss what might have happened so that you don't make the same mistake next time and then this debriefing and africare is really a chance to set up your next session you was a dominant can make mental notes look like okay what did I prep that went well and what did I what did I really need to have in a lined out a little bit better so that next time you can not make the same mistakes are like really have the same flow lot better because you're have more preparation 

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