04. Scene Prep

In this video, you will learn how to prepare your space, yourself and your submissive for your BDSM scene.
 Emily Anne
Updated: October 4, 2020

Scene Prep

Okay now that you have your scene planning done we're going to do some scene prep which is basically you're going to prep your space you're going to prep yourself you're going to prep your stuff So first thing you want to really go through back through the mind movie again and as you go through that and especially if you're wrote it down you can make a list of all the items you're going to need to implement that scene So like your implements like your if you have a flocker or any of your restraints You want to prep your space you want to you know usually you want to place implements and place that you can reach them easily and also for psychological reasons it's great to have some lined out for the sub to see them You want to think about mood lighting candles music anything that you're going to need to set the mood in the scene Think about that the nonsex activities that you want to prep for so your your your impact plan implements your restraints any tools any sensation play stuff like feathers or you know wax and you want to think about safety items so if you're doing any kind of bondage you want to make sure that you have you want to make sure you have road cutters and all the things that you need the scissors and things that you need for that and then you want to think about the things that you know you normally want to prep for if you're having sex you want to think about the toys you might want to use vibrators condoms and you save sex stuff you need a lube especially you want to make sure Lube is handy and you don't have to go running for it Think about having water nearby or some sort of snacks and a towel wipes maybe a dental dam if you use those and then you want to make sure those are within reach or like playing the scene or and and place the items where you think you might need them And then prepping yourself you really want to like psychologically prep for the scene you know you want to go over the senior head You want to think about how you want to feel during the scene and how you want the sub to feel remembering their hard limits go over those again You want to think about what you want to dress depends on you know maybe what kind of dominant you are If you like to you maybe want to go all out and get a new outfit if you are thinking about latex or something just really want to set the mood or like really get into the role of the dominant however it works for you You think about you know anal prep if there's going to be some anal the scene in your head and really get that confidence going so that you know what your plans are going to be if you really want to send them instructions ahead of time and like build up to the scene maybe even the week before the scene of the day before the scenes and some instructions you know little things that you can do to establish or maintain that dumps of Dynamics leading into the sea and give them some taste of what might happen in the same get their get their juices flowing and then get them excited to do the same 

This is for the truly kinky

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