06. Scene Recap/Summary

In this video, we will summarize what you learned in the course and provide further resources to continue your BDSM education.
 Emily Anne
Updated: October 6, 2020

Scene Recap/Summary

All right let's just recap what you learned in this course First you want to use the kink test to get to know your desires and your submissive desires You want to negotiate boundaries and determine after care needs of your submissive You want to choose the top three to five activities that you determine from the king test You want to go on to create a mind movie in your head If you're the dominant you want to think about how this thing can go and what would be hot will be great based on the common ground with your submissive and really just think about it in your head using your imagination You want to then prep your space yourself and your sub You want to nail the beginning of the scene Get those first activities go into your Aftercare and your debriefing and then you want to follow up that makes a mental notes for yourself what you could do better what you'd like to do different and plan your next scene play the scores and you want to go on to learn more We have a BSM 101 course that goes into other areas of BDSM that can that will impact your scene play for example we have a module and negotiation we cover consent and risk awareness toys and tools the basics of bondage and impact play we have a module on how to potential dominant like what questions to ask we have module on how to dom your partner how to submit your partner we have a module on after care get into how to create aftercare and the things that you should look for and potentially do and then there's a lot of information on troubleshooting and safety we like to think that this class is inclusive of all orientations and gener identities and you can be a single or a couple and still benefit from it you can also be it's really geared more towards beginners but if you're experienced I think it's a great chance for you to really pinn down some basics and make sure you're covering all your bases and then if you would like some personalized attention and handholding especially with crafting a scene we offer BDSM coaching and this is part of what we do is we help couples and singles put together a customized scenes based on their interests and we do some planning some more done for you planning we work with you on how to a craft and execute a scene and then we follow up with you and go over how it went and what you can do in the future so if you want to take advantage of that that's over at the BSM coaches.com

This is for the truly kinky

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