Sexting and Dirty Talk Class

Want to learn all about Dirty Talk and Sexting Techniques?

Want to get REALLY GOOD at seductive speech in person, on dating apps, on the phone or via text?

Want to never be "tongue tied" again in bed?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then click the red button and learn how!
I wanna learn some dirty talk!

In this nearly 2 hour Sexting and Dirty Talk class, we cover:

 Core fundamentals of hot dirty talk
 Sexting top tips
 Small tweaks you can make to your sexting game to magnetize
 The rule of "yes, and" in dirty talk/sexting
 Questions to ask your partner/yourself before communicating
 Safety and consent considerations
 Hot prompts and examples

Are you Ready?

If you feel like learning how to kill your sexting game and drive your partner wild in bed, click the button to get inside our live workshop replay.
I wanna nail my sexting/dirty talk game!

Overcome your internal obstacles to hot sexting, like:

“What should I type?”
“I am afraid of saying the wrong thing”
“I get nervous to send a sext – [unspoken worry that the receiver will not be receptive or get turned off or offended]”

Overcome your internal blocks to sultry dirty talk, like:

"I don't talk much"
“I don’t like my voice”
“I don’t know what to say”
“I am bad at dirty talk”
“I feel embarrassed”

Ready to Play?

If you want the confidence to speak and text your dirty thoughts with your partner without guilt, shame or hesitancy, then buy now!
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