Surrender: How to Submit

Are you a submissive ("sub") and feeling resistance to submitting?

Are you a switch and find it hard to not let your "dom" come out as a defense to being vulnerable as a sub?

Are you a feminist and want to find a safe and authentic way to find "submissive bliss"?

Are you an experienced sub and want to take your submission deeper?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then this class is perfect for you!
I'm ready!

In surrender, you'll learn:

 Core fundamentals of the dom/sub dynamic
 Small shifts you can make to become more submissive
 What deep submission can feel like (yummy!) and why surrender is so powerful
 How to get out of your head and into your body
 How to submit to the femme
 Ideas for honoring your dominant
 A meditation to reclaim your power from past boundary issues
 Questions to ask your partner/yourself before submitting fully
 Safety and consent considerations
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This workshop creates a safe and fun "Sub Space" and discusses all things submission. Including...

 Daddy doms and daddy issues
 – How to handle the intensity of a DDLG dynamic (including the top characteristic that a Daddy Dom MUST have)
 How to get what you want without topping from the bottom
 How to embrace your "alpha sub" and brat
 D/S dating and how to find a dominant that suits you (and when to start calling them "Daddy," "Sir", etc.)
 How to bring out the dom inside your partner
 Why true submission is a feminist act
 How to release anger towards the masculine
 How to tell where your resistance is coming from (hint: ego v gut) and how to address it

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