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Why take the BDSM Quiz or BDSM Test?

Well…you’re here for a reason. Google didn’t just magically bring this page to your eyes (unless Alexa somehow misinterpreted your command as “find a BDSM test” when you really just said “find an article on rest”).

This BDSM test is a great way to cut through the fog and the myths about BDSM, as well as test your openness to the subject and pique your curiosity. If you are searching for ways to get into BDSM or are curious and thought you would find out more information through a kink test, you have come to the right place! 

This BDSMtest is meant to test your knowledge of basic BDSM principles and protocols. By taking this BDSM quiz, you can discover areas you aren’t familiar with, along with what you might have heard via popular culture.

So…strap in (pun intended) and get started below!

Why learning the basics of BDSM is important.

You may have heard of Fetlife already or you started participating in some sexy cosplay as part of your sexy BDSM experimentation, or maybe you have been interested in DDLG…In any case, you need to understand the basics of BDSM in order to engage in play safely.

This BDSMTest (or kink test, if you will), touches on just a few core principles of BDSM, including consent, aftercare and boundary-setting.

BDSM play can result in the release of dopamine and serotonin, both neurotransmitters that make you feel good. Healthy BDSM play can result in more calm, happiness, confidence, passion and creativity. It can also help a couple bond to each other.
Sexy Cosplay
In BDSM, you can also enter into altered states that help your mental health. 

In recent studies, researchers have found that “people who practice BDSM are psychologically healthier than those who are not, scoring higher on certain indicators of mental health. Those that practiced kinky sex were less neurotic, more secure in their relationships, and had better overall well-being.

Benefits of safe, sane and healthy BDSM play

There are so many benefits to engaging in BDSM play done right, that some people say that S&M might be the new yoga.

The main ones are:
* Enhanced communication with your parners
* More self-knowledge
* Increased vitality
* Increased blood flow to the brain
* And many more

The opposite side of that is BDSM that is done incorrectly, unethically or without the proper precautions. People see the 50 shades movies and think all there is to BDSM is to tie someone up and hit them with a flogger. In reality, there is a lot of responsibility on play partners to set boundaries and determine what is safe play for them.

Boundary setting and consent

In order to know what you are getting into, you need to know what your boundaries are. If you are a newbie and you are coming into this with no experience and no idea what you really like, it is a good idea to look at a kink list or questionnaire to start with.
Start by downloading this questionnaire, either on your own or with a partner.
Write in your answers on your own. Really reflect on what you know you like or want to do, and what you might like to try. Also pay attention to anything you put a "no" to so you know where your boundaries are. Just remember that any and all of your answers are OK.
Once you have your questionnaire filled out, feel free to come together with your partner/partners and share what you learned about your desires. Ideally, your parter will have filled out their own questionnaire. You can compare similar desires/kinks, find out where you both want to explore, and learn what your hard limits are (ie, the "no's").
When dealing with one person's "no" that is another person's "yes" - the rule here is "curiosity": Ask your partner if they are ok with you asking them questions about why they like the yes's and why the no is a hard no. Be respectful of your partner's boundaries as well as your own.
If you are filling out the form solo, use the Questionnaire as a way to explore! Look up some kinks you might not have heard of before- really feel out what draws you. This will help you communicate with future partners. Even better - use your yesses in your fantasies when you masturbate!

If you're hooked and want more

If you have any questions or want to learn more about BDSM and how to do it safely and ethically, head on over to our course, BDSM 101.

This course covers everything a beginner needs to know, including how to get into role play, how to dominate your partner, how to submit to your partner, bondage basics, and more.

Once you figure out what kinks you are curious about, you can learn more about how to communicate those kinks with your partner/s. Our goal is to help you bridge the gap between what you know about BDSM (which could very well be based on common misperceptions) and what real, healthy and fun BDSM play can be.

Often the line between BDSM and emotional abuse is one that some people do not know how to tread. Before you embark on your BDSM journey, or even if you have already started but you aren’t sure if you are “doing it right” or taking the right precautions, you should get educated about the risks, the rewards and the main protectionary principles involved.

Kink and BDSM can be fun and fulfilling. You want to get the most out of your play!

So, take the time to get to know the rules or best practices and educate yourself on how you can discover your own boundaries, communicate them to others and respect your partners’ as well.

After all, an educated kinkster can spread that knowledge to others! And that makes for a sexy safe world for all of us!