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Emily Anne:

Conscious Consent

No discussion about BDSM play would be complete without a conversation about consent. Because BDSM and kink activities are inherently "riskier" and more involved, they require more safeguards. Becoming consent-literate and consent-knowledgeable is a priority in this community and should be for everyone. Consent and boundary issues permeate our everyday lives.
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BDSM 101

BDSM has grown in popularity recently due to references in mainstream media like the 50 shades series. While 50 Shades helped to bring BDSM out of the shadows and into the spotlight, it also left many curious how to bring BDSM safely into their bedrooms and relationships. 

This online workshop, “BDSM 101,” gives you a blow-by-blow (pun intended) of the basics of BDSM.
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How to Create and Execute a BDSM Scene

Great for doms/tops, subs/bottoms, and switches, this class will be helpful for anyone wanting to set up a BDSM scene with a partner (or partners). The dominant is the leader of a scene, so most of the steps will be performed by the dominant, especially the planning. The submissive’s role is to follow, but also participate in the planning as far as setting boundaries and communicating desires.
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